bedSOK sleeping bags for beds


Charlotte, Woollahra

Just writing to say ‘thank you’ for inventing the BedSok 🙂 My 3.5yr old daughter wriggles around all night, and since growing out of her toddler sleeping bag a few months ago I was getting up 3-4 times a night – every single night – to recover her with her sheets and blankets.  I did the small oil heater in her room, I did the multiple-layers-of-clothes, I did everything but physically strap her down……and now with the BedSok we are both back to getting a full nights sleep. She stays covered, the blankets stay on top, and she no longer needs the safety gate either – the BedSok keeps her safely in place all night! Not only do I love it – but she loves it too because she can zip herself in and out. I wish I’d found the BedSok sooner – but am now passing on the info to every parent I know. By the way – this may not be in the official care in  structions – but the BedSok is very well made, and is surviving very well in the washer/dryer. Thank you again. Just brilliant.

Rebecca, Adelaide
bedSOK, you have saved me this winter!  My three-year-old daughter was constantly kicking off her bed sheets at night and then waking up because she was freezing.  I was on the verge of making her sleep in a snow suit!  (Not really. Okay, maybe the thought crossed my mind once …) Now with your gorgeous flannelette bedSOK, she’s zipped in to her cosy bed like a little cocoon and is never cold which means she’s getting a much better night’s sleep. Better still, she loves the bedSOK because her bed is now so snuggly.  Frankly, I have bed-envy!  Well done on such a terrific product. I’ve been recommending it to all my family and friends. 

Meredith, Mildura
bedSOK is absolutely fantastic!!! I’m thrilled! Alexis has always been a good sleeper, but is such a wriggler, always kicking off her covers and waking up freezing in the mornings. I can definitely say that the bedSOK has kept her snug and the past three nights have been great – no waking up shivering! Thankyou so much, I’ll be back to order more sets ready for Summer.

Rebecca, Mardi NSW 
bedsok has changed our daughter’s sleeping habits for the good! As a parent, having two children who previously did not sleep through the night, to once they had their bedsoks put on to sleeping through most nights, I feel more human again! Both my children love their bedsoks and we love the extra sleep that everyone now gets! Thank you Bedsok!

Bec, Portland VIC

I must say I LOVE the BedSOKS. My boys would wake every night any time and end up with us in our bed and we would never sleep because of their sensory seeking. Now with the BedSOKS they’re firmly snuggled in bed and their sensory needs are fulfilled with the pressure of being tucked in bed. Restless sleeping doesn’t matter because they can’t loosen the sheet with a BedSOK! So they sleep from 8pm through to 7am. It’s absolute bliss. We’d be still struggling with sleeping if it weren’t for the BedSOK I’m certain. So credit where credit is due!!! You guys have given us hours of sleep back and it’s amazing! 🙂 

Cathie,  East Brisbane
Oh my goodness, Oliver (4 years) was in heaven last night!!  He was so so SO excited with his bedSOK – went to bed with no complaints last night! – and for the first time in his life slept on a pillow and without kicking bed covers off and without roaming all around the bed in his sleep. He went back to bed this morning so he could jump in and out of it too! He loves the zip! And they look so funky too. I will be spreading the word!

Marietta, Brisbane
We love the bedSOK! Milla now calls it her ‘cuddly’ and loves zipping herself in and snuggling! Milla is 2 1/2 and has been in a big bed for a while now.  We still place a pillow on the side to prevent her from falling out but since the bedSOK have realised that it also gives that added security from falling out of the bed so have moved the pillow away which she is thrilled with!