bedSOK sleeping bags for beds


How does the bedSOK™ actually work?

Putting it simply, the bedSOK™ is a flat sheet attached to a fitted sheet with zippers down each side to ensure the covers can’t be kicked off in the night. Stretch ribbing is positioned across the top of the flat sheet so that your child can feel snug and secure whilst allowing ample natural movement. So not only is it an all-in-one sheet set but it’s also like a sleeping bag for beds.

I have a 3 yr old son who hates having blankets on him, let alone having blankets tucked in. Any tips on how the bedSOK™ can be used to change this behaviour?

One of our children was exactly the same. Consequently, we had him in several layers of clothing knowing that he would kick the duvet off. This was exactly one of the reasons we designed the bedSOK™. When we first tried the bedSOK™ with him, he still tried to kick it off, so what we did was un-zip the bedSOK™ and fold the top sheet back, let him fall asleep and then we came in later, placed the top sheet over him and zipped it up. We found that this worked perfectly for us. Now, he goes to bed and zips himself up and we incorporate it as part of his bedtime routine.

My child is a restless sleeper and I find that he often gets twisted up in the blankets.  Will the bedSOK™ stop him from getting twisted?

Yes. The bedSOK™ has been designed to allow enough room for the child to move freely throughout the night but does not have the excess material of traditional bedding thereby removing the likelihood of getting tangled.

Does the bed have to be positioned a certain way to use the bedSOK™?

With the zips on both sides, the bedSOK™ is perfectly adaptable to any room regardless of its configuration.

I like the idea of the ribbing at the top of the of the bedSOK™ but am concerned that it might be too tight around my child and restrict her movement?

The bedSOK™ has been designed and tested with safety and snugness in mind. There is plenty of room inside for your child to move freely and will be unrestricted when rolling from side to side.

We have bunk beds which are great space-savers but a nightmare to make. The kids try to make them but fail miserably. Will they be able to make their beds any better with the bedSOK™?

One of the many benefits of the bedSOK™ is the ease with which beds can be made, particularly bunk beds. All your child needs to do is hop out of bed and zip it up. When making the bed for the first time or after washing, all you need to do is fit the bedSOK™ like a standard fitted sheet. It’s that simple.

Will young kids be able to get themselves in and out of bed?

Yes, we have made the bedSOK™ with child-friendly over sized zippers so that children can easily get themselves in and out of bed. The zippers on each side are covered with protective tabs and snap buttons ensuring safety and easy access.

Did you consider using a heavier material so that there is no need to also use doonas?

Yes we did, but we decided against using heavier material because we wanted to keep things simple; with parents not having to worry about tog weighting and inserts. The rationale behind the design is that the bedSOK™ can be used all year round and because it won’t be kicked off, any additional covers you place over the top should also stay in place.

For what aged children is the bedSOK™ suitable for?

The bedSOK™ has been designed for kids from 18 months to 10 years plus for Cot / Toddler, Single and King Single beds. We don’t recommend use for children under 18 months, but is ideal for children while they remain in their cots and also for when they transition to toddler beds and their first big beds.