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bedSOK™ story


The bedSOK™ is the brain-child of Brisbane mum Sueanne Brownhill. With a young family of her own, she was no stranger to broken sleep and realised that the root of all calls, cries and thuds in the night were a result of traditional bedding not providing the security and warmth her children needed. She wanted to go to bed with the comfort of knowing her kids were safe, warm and snug all through the night.

She also knew she was not alone after talking with networks of parents who shared the same frustration of broken sleep from covers kicked off in the night, kids twisted up in sheets or falling out of bed completely – not to mention the constant checking ‘just in case’!

There was no existing solution on the market so she set out on a mission to do it herself – fuelled by a passion to keep everyday life as simple as possible! Two years later, following extensive research and testing the bedSOK™ was officially launched to market in 2012. bedSOK™ – the original all-in-one zip-up sheets.